Dr. Satish Tiyyagura Performs the First Micra Pacemaker (World’s Smallest) Implant in St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the first in Passaic County NJ.

On June 30th, Dr. Satish Tiyyagura performed the first Micra™ pacemaker implant at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the first in Passaic County. Manufactured by Medtronic, Micra is a new, miniaturized and minimally invasive option to treat bradycardia, also known as a slow heartbeat.

If you have a slow heartbeat, your doctor may recommend an implantable heart device called a pacemaker. A pacemaker is a pacing system which usually includes both a pacemaker generator and leads.

Micra™ Pacemaker

Pictured: Traditional Pacemaker (left), Micra™ Pacemaker (right)

About the Micra™ Pacemaker

This new, miniaturized and minimally invasive approach using the Micra™ Transcatheter pacing system can mean fewer post-implant activity restrictions and no obstructions to shoulder movement. Specifically, Micra™ is:

  • 93% smaller than traditional pacemakers.
  • the size of a large vitamin capsule, and has a battery that lasts as long as a traditional pacemaker
  • implanted into the heart through a vein in your leg and does not require a lead

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